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Stimfalia Ltd. participates in the world’s largest Food and Drinks Exhibition in Cologne from October 5-9.

We will be:

Hall 10.1

Stand B-046a

Anuga is the world’s largest international food and beverage exhibition and is the industry’s most important business and communication platform.

Greece has always been one of the largest holdings of Anuga, a fact that was confirmed in 2017 – occupying 5th place – with 280 exhibitors covering over 6,000 square meters! A total of 7,405 exhibitors from 107 countries participated in the fair, while trade visitors exceeded 160,000.

Beneath the roof of Anuga are a total of 10 special exhibitions, with each special exhibition being a global event for each industry, presenting numerous products:

Anuga Fine FoodAnuga Frozen Food
Anuga DrinksAnuga Bread & Bakery
Anuga Chilled & Fresh FoodAnuga Dairy
Anuga MeatAnuga Organic
Anuga Hot BeveragesAnuga Culinary Concepts

At Anuga 2019 a whole series of events and conferences will accompany the exhibition again. Topics of conferences and lectures are defined by existing trends in the industry: Products with a protected designation of origin, Non-GMO products, Superfoods, Ready-to-eat products, Functional & Free from products, Organic products, Kosher products, Halal food, Vegan and Vegetarian products.

Γεύσεις Στυμφαλίας

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