Stymfalia SA

Harmony of Delivery & Technology

STYMPHALIA SA, based in Kalianoi, Corinthia, is active in the cheese and dairy sector.

The new prototypes of Stymphalia SA, which were inaugurated in 1995, with the most ideal hygiene conditions, are one of the most modern cheese dairies in Greece. Where tradition and technology are in perfect harmony.

From the collection of the raw material and its transformation into a product that reaches the consumer, Stymphalia SA network, at every stage, strict hygiene rules are in place to achieve an excellent result.

The collection of milk by the producers – farmers is carried out in refrigerators – ice cubes, which are granted by “Stymfalia SA”, aiming at a raw material with a low microbial load that is kept until the company’s facilities. The collection of milk from the ice cubes is made by company cars, which keeps the milk at low temperature.

In the dairy area are housed machinery which, after the milk reception, begins and works as a chain for the production of the products.

A characteristic feature of installations at the fabric level is the stainless steel that dominates everywhere in the dairy area, from machinery and tanks to the site itself. Special tiles in the production areas ensure the cleanliness and therefore the quality of the products.

Στυμφαλία ΑΕΒΕ Τυροκομειο

The course of “Stymphalia SA” begins in 1936 by Mark B. Engel. It was and remains a family business going from father to son. Markos Legas had a grocery store in the mountain village of Kaliani Korinthia, which he kept with his wife Olga and later with his five children.

Dairy Products Guaranteed Excellent Quality

Selection of raw materials and Certifications

From the pastures of Zireia, Stymfalia SA collects daily high quality milk with a high protein content and lower microbial load (already before heat treatment) according to the strictest European standards.

This means that the milk collected is milk that is full of care, a cleaner, more careful milk. It is the wonderful Greek sheep and goat milk of the rich and unpolluted mountain pastures of Corinthia.

All products produced by “Stymphalia SA” can be characterized as organic products because they are produced from milk of free-range animals with the absolute and guaranteed absence of insecticides, herbicides or other pollutants.

The human factor is decisive for the uniqueness of the flavor properties of feta and its quality is inextricably linked with the knowledge of the biotopes, the farming systems of the local sheep and goat breeds and the traditional techniques of cheese making.

The company imposed on itself qualitative rules, which are in many places stricter than the regulations and rules imposed by the European Food Law.
It implements an Integrated Quality Management System in the production of its products, including business planning, plant maintenance, production and hygiene.haccp

This system is based on the principles defined by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HAACP) and is the guarantee of product quality and safety.
Stymphalia produces products that are distinguished for their high quality, they are healthy, safe and cheesy with a sense of responsibility.

agrocert1 engThe company has been certified by AGROCERT – OEPEGE. (Organization for the Certification and Supervision of Agricultural Products) with a PG Certificate Number / 394-7348.06 and according to ISO 22000: 2005 (HACCP) & ISO 9001: 2000

Γεύσεις Στυμφαλίας

Παράγουμε τυροκομικά και γαλακτοκομικά προϊόντα από το 1936 και από το 1995 εγκαινιάσαμε τις νέες μας εγκαταστάσεις. Το τυροκομείο μας είναι ένα από τα πλέον συγχρονα της Ελλάδας, με τις πλέον ιδανικές συνθήκες υγιεινής και με σταθερό σύστημα ψύξης του γάλακτος.


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不治療疾病可能比服用某些壯陽藥犀利士更有害。可能有不止一種類型的壯陽藥 犀利士可以治療某種疾病。醫師或藥劑師將為你選擇最安全的壯陽藥犀利士。

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