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The history of our Cheese Factory

The trip of "Stymphalia SA" begins in 1936 by Mark B. Engel. It was and remains a family business going from father to son. Markos Legas had a grocery store in the mountain village of Kaliani Korinthia, which he kept with his wife Olga and later with his five children.

τυροκομείο Λέγγα
  • In 1942

    ... in the basement of the house

    The production of feta originated initially in Flamburica, a site at the foot of Mount Ziria, where production and ripening took place. Later, in 1942, production was taking place in the basement of his home.

  • In 1960

    Consolidation in Corinthia

    A few years later, in 1960, a new - modern cheese factory was built, which supplies its products (feta, ginger, yoghurt, mizithra) almost all of the prefecture of Korinthia.

  • In 1994

    Ultra-modern facilities

    In 1994, our new state-of-the-art facilities are constructed, which include separate production areas for each species, as well as feta and grain ripening rooms, milk cooling storage rooms (ice cubes), milk quality control equipment, refrigerators, accounting, sheds, changing rooms and staff rooms.

  • In 2002

    The Standardization Period

    In 2002 STYMPHALIA SA proceeded in the field of product standardization. The standardization is done in vacuum packs for feta, anthotyro, gruyere and kefalotyri.

  • In 2007

    New Investment Period

    In 2007 STYMFALIA SA proceeded with investments concerning new facilities for the production of traditional yogurt, desserts and hard cheese, storage and biological cleaning. The automated traditional yogurt production line is one of the most modern in Greece.

  • 2012

    Super Modern Automation Facilities

    STYMPHALIA SA has proceeded to the automation of the slice production line as well as to new refrigeration and standardization facilities.

  • 2013

    Sophisticated Facilities Automation Export Period

    Stymphalia SA apart from the domestic market, has also felt its presence abroad. Originally its products are exported to England, Germany and Australia. The goal ... to taste more and more people its pure products!