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Feta contains six essential vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, protein and carbohydrates. So, through every piece of Feta Zireias PDO, you can enjoy the wonderful combination of health and taste.


Milk and thus cheese are the only foods that naturally contain a key protein known as casein.The peptides derived from casein have the following properties:

- They boost the body's natural defences
- They regulate correct blood pressure
- They help in managing stress

A source of Vitamins


The most important fact is that feta contains both fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. Most foods, such as vegetables and fruits, contain mainly water-soluble vitamins, while olive oil only fat-soluble vitamins. Of the vitamins found in feta, those of particular importance are A, B1, B2, B12, C, D.

The people of "Stymfalia SA" Three generations of cheese makers have yet another reason to feel proud and confident about the unique feta they produce.

Quality Control

Quality Control At each milk delivery, samples are taken from each producer. All these samples are taken to Stymfalia's central quality control laboratory.

A modern Cheese factory

A modern Cheese factory Stymfalias' new facilities, opened in 1995, offering state-of-the-art sanitary conditions, are amongst the most modern cheese factories in Greece. There, tradition and technology are in perfect harmony.

Organic Products

Organic Products All products produced by Stymfalia SA can be classified as organic, as they produced from the milk of free-ranging animals with guaranteed absence of insecticides, herbicides and other pollutants.


Automation The investments in the automation of the traditional yoghurt production line in 2008 and of the feta production line in 2012 aimed to improve and stabilise quality through optimum hygiene.


Exports The company's turn to exports found a positive response. Currently, we export to England, Germany and Australia.

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Are there traditional products?

Some products have more stories to tell than others. Where do they come from, how are they produced, how are they prepared, what secrets do they hide? All this know-how as well as the tradition that characterizes them are worth preserving. We here at STYMFALIA, are proud to produce Feta Zireias. Enjoy is as a table cheese, make a traditional cheese-pie, even use it in modern dishes and surprise everybody. Dare unique tasty combinations and create special culinary delights with Feta Zireias PDO.

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Now, Feta Zireias is PDO.

The Greeks' favourite cheese, now bears the name and guarantee of STYMFALIA. With a name closely linked to Greek tradition, Feta Zireias complements the variety of traditional products of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) of the dairy industry STYMFALIA. In the traditional cheese factory of STYMFALIa, at the feet of Zireia and under the care and supervision of its people, Feta Zireias is produced, from 100% fresh sheep's and goat's milk of free range sheep and goats and with strict quality control. Thus, Feta Zireias is a high quality product that reaches your table with the genuine, traditional flavour and rich aroma that we all love, in numbered packaging, like all authentic PDO products.

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Exploitation and Protection System

Products of Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO), according to European legislation, are the products that come from a specific region and that owe their quality or characteristics to that specific geographical environment. The production, transformation and processing of these products are only and exclusively performed in the limited region. The label PDO guaranteed the unique character of each product and the geographical origin and protects the consumer from various imitations. Cheese and Dairy Products - STYMFALIA SA Flavours of Mountainous Corinthia Mytzithra - Respecting Tradition Feta Zireias PDO - Tradition in Feta Feta in Barrel - Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) Certified Quality - Flavours from Zireia Zireiotyri - Gruyère - Rich in nutrients and proteins

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Stymfalia SA


Our cheese factory is located in the village Kalianoi, capital of the municipality of Stymfalia, in mountainous Corinthia.
We have been producing cheese since 1936 and we launched our new facilities in 1997. Our cheese factory is one of the most modern in Greece, boasting ideal hygienic conditions and a stable milk cooling system. 
Collecting high quality milk from the pastures of Zireia, for years now we have been producing feta cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products of exceptional quality, with the nutrients of the traditional recipes unchanged.

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